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Diabetes Consulting

With a wealth of experience in diabetes; both personally and professionally, Susan has consulted with small companies as well as Fortune 500 companies…
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Career Consulting

As a pharmacist and Diabetes Expert, I have held many different positions in the health care arena. I can help you become an “outside the box” thinker.
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Motivational Speaking

Susan is passionate about diabetes and the unique way she weaves her personal story with her professional recommendations will…
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Sloane Diabetes

Sweet Genes

Finding a Balance
Living with Diabetes

“A powerful read that helped me clearly understand my friend’s journey of raising two sons with diabetes. It brought me insight into the strong family dynamics and bonds of love between parent and child!”

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About Susan Sloane

Susan B. Sloane, BS, RPh, CDE, has been a registered pharmacist for more than 30 years and a Certified Diabetes Educator for most of her career. Her two sons were diagnosed with diabetes, and since then, she has been dedicated to promoting wellness and optimal outcomes as a patient advocate, information expert, educator, and corporate partner.

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Sloane Diabetes Blog

What Caring For My Sons Has Taught Me About Diabetes

What Caring For My Sons Has Taught Me About Diabetes

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12 At-Home Cold Remedies the Experts Actually Use

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