Career Consulting

As a pharmacist and Diabetes Expert, I have held many different positions in the health care arena. I can help you become an “outside the box” thinker. You career path can take you to places you never imagined.   The best jobs I have held came from direct cold calling to prospective employers. I can teach you my proven techniques on how to find a job that will both satisfy and excite you! As I finish my second book on the subject of career development, I can take you through the steps needed to make the most of your professional background, and yes, actually ENJOY what you do!! For a one hour consultation, I will help you find your passion and find the career path best suited to your needs and personality.

Questions to ask yourself:

If you spend half off your life or more at work —

Are you anxious to get to work, or anxious to get the day “over with”?Do you wish you had chosen a different career path?Are you constantly searching for a new vocation? Are you pursuing your true life’s calling?

Fee: 125.00/Hour